Friday, 8 July 2005

Is Tom Cruise "Nuts?"

Not so much, maybe.

He seems like a terribly gamey and guarded person, with an ego the size
of the Western Hemisphere, but "nuts?" -- hmmm.

I'm not a big fan of his -- never thought he was sexy ( I like 'em taller, darker, and that ethnic big nose thang going on) and his acting was pretty so - so, until fairly recently. ( I thought he was amazing in both Magnolia, and Eyes Wide Shut.)

He's gotten a lot of flack lately, and a lot of it is justisfied. (Of course, it's easy to play
armchair pundit on someone you don't even know! lol, but hey, he's a big time
rich celebrity, so suck it up, Tom!) His whole "he loves Katie" routine -- gawd,
dahlings, gag me!

And, of course, he's a Scientologist, and they're a scary bunch. I've known a few people who have been involved with them; one person I knew ended up moving *way* out in the hills of L.A. and changed his number, etc. to avoid them. He wasreally very freaked by them after he left.

Tom's pontificating on Brooke Shield's post partum depression and her being helped by medication was *so* fucking out of line. Who asked him? Not to mention, has he given birth? No. Didn't think so. Asshole male superior bullshit religious fanatic.

So, a lot of people are throwing the baby out with the bath water: in other words, Tom is nuts. He's nuts because he's going through a mid life crisis with the younger Katie. Okay. He's nuts because he went way off in regards to someone else's struggle with depression.

While I don't agree with Cruise's assesment of psychiatry, there is some truth to what he says. Drugs are pushed upon the public right and left. I know, I've been there. I was just commenting to my dh the other day that many a doctor has tried to push an anti- depressant at me to cover up real physical problems. I had the will to keep at it until I found a decent doctor who said, "yea, it's this, der, you don't need anti - depressants" and now I'm fine. (Well okay, the doctor didn't say "der.") Anyway...

They're also saying he's nuts because he "believes" in aliens. Now, this is interesting. A lot of people "believe" in aliens. But because he's 'Tom' it's fair game to pile on the attacks. Hey, ol' Tom is nuts because, not only does he jump up and down on
furniture because he's so in luuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv, he's a Scientologist, but wait,
there's more, he --- gasp -- believes in aliens too! That proves he nuts!

There seems to be a weird juxtaposition dance going on in mainstream culture and media regarding UFOs. Polls are constantly coming out with stats that say, roughly, 50% of the population "believes" in UFOs. Yet reports come out that "there are less UFO sightings than ever." We still make fun of people who "believe" in aliens and/or UFOs, yet movies and tv
programs about UFOs are *way* popular. And the documentries on the cable channels keep coming: the History channel, Discovery, Travel, etc. As well as the Peter Jennings special on mainstream televison that aired a few months ago. (Which was a dismal piece of crap, but that's for another entry.)

Tom Cruise may be arrogant, a jerk, an egomaniac, guarded and suspicious, and a Scientologist, but he isn't "crazy" because he believes in UFOs. In fact, given the controversy swirling around him, he's pretty brave to admit such a thing. Of
course, he's rich and famous, so what does he care what the rest of us think?

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